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The Safety Systems Seminar is held twice a year in North America and Europe. In addition, an abbreviated (half-day) meeting is held annually in Tokyo, Japan. It is currently being held virtually.

Safety Systems Seminar

Virtual Series

20-22 October 2020
27-28 October 2020

You Can't Afford to Miss This Event


Learn from the Experts

It’s rare to have so many pharmacovigilance experts in one place, not only delivering an Argus education, but open to answering your related regulatory and compliance questions.

Strengthen Your Skills

No matter your skill level, you’ll learn new techniques and tools at the annual Safety Systems Seminar.

Make Valuable Connections

The Safety Systems Seminar is a great way to learn what pharmacovigilance industry peers are experiencing with Argus and other technologies, including techniques, tools and best practices.

Stay Current

The drug safety industry is changing faster than ever, with new products and techniques continually evolving. The Safety Systems Seminar is designed to keep you ahead of the curve.

“AUG helps me to understand the problems and pain points experienced by my peers around the world. We are then able to promptly address these issues if we happen to encounter similar situations. There are many networking opportunities throughout the program, and the ability to have face-to-face time with team members from Foresight is much more impactful than a phone call or email!”

Associate Director
Drug Safety Information & Systems, Small Biotech

“I’ve attended three AUG events in both US and Europe. The opportunity to learn from my peers in industry is one of the main reasons I keep coming back. After each meeting, I am able to bring back actionable information that can be applied with my organization. There are also plenty of networking opportunities during the course of the two day program that allows me the chance to connect with my industry colleagues.”

PV Manager
Large Pharma

“There are many reasons why I continue to come back to Argus User Group Meeting (AUG) year after year, but one of the primary reasons is to stay informed of upcoming regulatory changes. Presenters help us stay ahead of the curve with their insights into what will impact our business. We’re able to learn what we need to do to manage our database in light of these changes. The opportunity to network with our peers and share the challenges we are facing is also invaluable. AUG is truly the only one of its kind in our industry!”

Associate Director

“The Argus User Group Meeting takes a holistic approach, offering updates on regulatory changes, business process updates, new releases, and even guidance as to bugs.  The conversations I have with both SME’s and my peers around common PV issues during the conference and networking opportunities offer invaluable insights that I can take back to my organization. I’ve attended other industry events, but have found that the content offered during AUG Meetings is most useful.”

Associate Director
Safety Systems, Mid-Sized Biotech Company

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