The essential event for anyone using Argus, and more

About Safety Systems Seminar

Timely, focused and relevant safety suite topics, including the Argus Suite and other platforms, delivered by industry experts in lively and interactive sessions. A user-centric approach that offers an in-depth education, with actionable insights and practical tools that can be applied within an organization.


The Safety Systems Seminar's user-centric approach, with a focus on an in-depth Argus education and insights into the current regulatory landscape, is a vendor- and sales-pitch free zone. In addition to “Ask the Experts” questions are encouraged throughout the program.


Speakers at the Safety Systems Seminar include Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with deep expertise in Argus, including SME’s that were the original architects of the software prior to its acquisition by Oracle. In addition, each Safety System Seminar offers a changing lineup of industry speakers that share experiences on practical application of technology and other relevant topics.


Safety Systems Seminar brings together people that share similar experiences and challenges in a collaborative environment that enables the exchange of ideas and encourages dialog.


Re-engage with former contacts and initiate new acquaintances – the Safety Systems Seminar provides numerous opportunities during the 2+ day program to network with your peers.

Subject Matter Experts

Saurabh Khurana

Senior Principal, PV & RM Services, Foresight


Axel Hagel

Practice Leader, PV & RM Services, Foresight


Dr. Uwe Trinks

Practice Leader, PV & RM Services, Foresight